Press Release: The Tao of Public Service: A Memoir – On Seeking True Purpose


Lucas Offers a New View of Citizenship

Longtime public servant announces release of new memoir, ‘The Tao of Public Service’

EVERETT, Wash. — In his multi-faceted new book, “The Tao of Public Service: A Memoir:  On Seeking True Purpose” (published by Balboa Press), author Eric Z. Lucas utilizes experiences from his life, to share insights about achieving success, both social and personal, through the pursuit of public service.  In his view societal and personal success are interrelated.  In this book Lucas advances two new concepts.  First, that all types of work can be a form of public service; and that this approach to work is valuable because in this way everyone can experience a path to personal success.

Inspired, as a child, by the first time he heard John F. Kennedy speak, Lucas asserts that JFK’s ideas about service were actually the call for a new type of citizen:  one who pursues service “as a way of life.”   Lucas explains that the rationale and establishment of the Peace Corps was the first example of this new type of citizenship.

Because of JFK’s call to service, Lucas has pursued public service for most of his life. “I have gone from a poor little black child, laborer, contractor, and teacher, to politician, lawyer and judge,” he explains. “But strangely enough, my journey did not end there.”

Although his journey did not lead to a Kennedy-style political life, Lucas has found great fulfillment through his work. “I discovered that the ideal of service meant something deeper and even more wonderful,” he says. “I discovered that it meant something above and beyond politics – something for everyone.”

Lucas hopes to inspire people to pursue success through service established by finding their true purpose in life. “I think this book will appeal to all readers because of its focus on service and because it promotes the idea that every single person has purpose and is significant:  no one is without worth; no one is a throw away,” he says.  “‘Tao’ means: ‘the Way’ and everyone has a way to success.”

“The Tao of Public Service”

By Eric Z. Lucas

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 282 pages | ISBN 9781452563435

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 282 pages | ISBN 9781452563411

E-Book | ISBN 9781452563428

Available also at: Self Discovery Publications, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Eric Z. Lucas has been a public servant most of his career life, serving as a prosecuting attorney, city attorney and trial judge. He is the first person of color in county history to serve as an elected official. He and his wife, Beth, have been married since 1974, and they have four children.  Contact the author at: or 425-280-3282.


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